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Medalin Limited

Based in Lutterworth, Leicestershire, Medalin Ltd are one of the largest UK manufacturers of specialist medical textiles and consumer hosiery.

We specialize in prosthetic and specialist medical cotton based garments, including prosthetic socks and sleeves and oedema socks for diabetic patients. We also make superior quality consumer socks for customers from technical yarns packed with additional features and benefits.

We pride ourselves on being the UK’s largest manufacturer of Anti Embolic Stockings (AES), including our Medalin (Saphena®) brand. We are a leading manufacturer of specialist and consumer hosiery, which we sell under the Pretty Legs brand and also manufacture for third parties.

We are home to CUI Wear, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of ostomy and hernia support products.

We distribute the Woodcast range of environment friendly casting and splinting products through our newly formed Casting and Splinting division, and the Aseptic range of hand sanitisers through our Consumer division.

Medalin Prosthetics

Medalin Prosthetic Services was founded in 1994 and is now the UK’s leading manufacturer of prosthetic sleeves and socks. The equipment used to produce our range of prosthetic garments is unique to the industry and has been specifically developed using our in house expertise. It has been designed to give the highest standards of quality and repeatability. High quality materials and strict quality controls ensure Medalin branded products are the finest in the industry. We use only the highest quality long fibre-combed cotton spun to our own specification which gives a softer skin feel. Combining this with materials such as Lycra® brings enhanced standards of comfort and fit to the wearer. We work closely with our customers to continuously update and improve our product ranges, most recently developing the Ultra Wide Terry and Ultra Wide Terry Prosthetic Sock ranges for use with the Silicone Lock-Pin system.

We have used our expertise in manufacturing prosthetic sleeves to develop the Wellness Comfort range which incorporates Diabetic and Oedema socks which are sold in the UK and Internationally. We use our medical expertise to produce the highest quality socks for everyday wear supplying some of the UK’s very best companies.

Medalin Medical Hosiery - Medalin (Saphena®) AES

We have manufactured the Medalin (Saphena®) range of Anti Embolism Stockings (AES) at our production facility in Lutterworth, Leicestershire since 2002. Originally designed by senior vascular surgeons and scientists in conjunction with the Medalin product development team, the brand is a market leader within NHS Supply Chain.

Medalin AES is available through the NHS Supply Chain, Private Hospitals, and Internationally. The Medalin development team continue to develop and improve the product offering with an innovative “Grip Sole“ product being introduced in 2014. Most recently our new “White Soft-Touch Feel” stocking provides improved stretch for easier application and fitting while also providing enhanced patient comfort.

CUI Wear

CUI Wear is a leading UK Manufacturer of desirable Ostomy and Hernia Support Products, as well as specialist medical garments including the BHIS cardio thoracic bra.

We manufacture and supply innovative garments for hernia prevention or support of existing herniation, and for other specific medical conditions. We use special materials and incorporate many features that create a balance between the appropriate level of support and comfort whilst remaining easy to apply, wear, adjust and live with. Our manufacturing and technical resource is backed by an outstanding team of clinical specialists who work throughout the UK to enhance the overall quality of life for all our customers.

CUI Wear Logo

Pretty Legs Hosiery

Pretty Legs Hosiery Limited is the largest independent hosiery manufacturer in the UK. Established in 1959, we have over half a century’s worth of experience in the hosiery industry. During this time, we have continually invested in people, equipment and infrastructure to produce excellent ranges of quality fashion, branded, maternity and medical hosiery products, including Tights, Footless Tights, Stockings, Hold-Ups, Knee Highs, Flight & Compression Socks, Ankle Highs, Foot Socks and much, much more.

In conjunction with our in-house Design, Research & Development Team, we use technical yarn innovations to produce state-of-the-art hosiery and can quickly react to ever changing fashion trends. We supply to all sectors of the hosiery market including major high street stores and on line.

Woodcast Splinting and Casting System

Medalin Ltd are proud to represent Woodcast in the UK through our splinting and casting division. Woodcast is a mouldable biomaterial that has many advantages over traditional casting and splitting alternatives such as plaster of paris, synthetic casting materials and thermoplastics. The products are made from renewable wood sources and are significantly better for the environment.

Application is much quicker than using traditional systems , thus saving clinicians time. Because the products can even replace the need for bracing they offer significant cost savings to the NHS and private clinics.

Aseptic Disinfectants

GDP Compliance Ltd are a UK company based in Hull England and manufacture a full range of sanitisers and surface disinfectants under the brand name “Aseptic“. Medalin Ltd exclusively promote their product range via our Commercial Sales Division.
An extensive range which includes hand sanitisers, surface disinfectants, surface wipes and travel packs enables Medalin Ltd to be your complete disinfection partner.

Medalin Quality Certification

With the medical device industry regulated worldwide, the ability to meet quality standards is vital for ensuring market acceptance of products.

We operate a Quality Management System which is certified to international standards.
Medalin Ltd were awarded ISO 13485:2016 certification by URS in 2021.

For more information about our Quality Commitments contact us.

Medalin Environmental Policy

Medalin Ltd recognise that we have a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods.

We achieve this via:

·        Minimising waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.

·        Minimising our environmental footprint, including using steam generated by our operations to heat our site.

·        Minimising waste and promoting recycling internally and amongst customers and suppliers.

·        Managing our product ranges to minimise the environmental impact of usage, production and distribution.

·        Meet or exceed all relevant environmental legislation.

·        Actively promoting the use of environment friendly products