Medalin Prosthetics FAQ

Can I buy Medalin socks privately?
Yes, we welcome private orders, please note that our products are sold in packs of ten.

How do I order privately?
Orders can be placed directly Online or by Phone, E-mail, Fax and Post. For more details, see our Online Shop.

How can I pay, if I'm ordering privately?
You can pay by online, with Credit/Debit card over the phone or via a secure link to our Shopify payment service in an emailed invoice. Alternatively, you can pay by Cheque, Postal Order or Bank Transfer but we will not dispatch the goods until the funds clear our bank account.

Can I claim VAT relief?
Some products and services sold by Medalin to specific individuals and charities in the UK may be exempt from VAT, if you are eligible for VAT relief, please fill in the form on the VAT Exemption page.

How do I care for my Terry products?
The best way is to turn the products inside out and machine wash ( max 60° Celcius ) and then tumble dry. This will allow the fibres to recover and the cushioning effect of the terry toweling will return.

How do I care for my Nylon products?
The best way is to hand wash and dry the products separately, do not tumble dry, do not iron and do not dry clean.

What is so special about Medalin Diabetic socks?
Our Diabetic socks have been developed to reduce any friction or irritation, this being the main cause of sores, that in a person who is diabetic or has other circulatory problems, can lead to ulcers. The socks are made from cotton to absorb moisture, with Lycra® to shape the sock to the foot. There is no elastic in the top part of the sock to cause restriction and the toe seam is perfectly flat so there is no rubbing of the toes.