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Medalin plain fabric prosthetic socks are used to provide a comfortable, breathable support between the prosthetic device and residual limb. The garment is manufactured using the very finest quality cotton and Lycra®, which gives the very best comfort possible. The sock has a plain structure which gives a snug fit between the prosthetic device and the residual limb, it provides some cushioning during every day use. Medalin terry prosthetic socks are packaged with a white label to aid identification.

Medalin terry prosthetic socks have a toweling structure which has several benefits: it provides more cushioning than plain fabric prosthetic socks and the loops in the fabric help wick moisture away from the residual limb moving it to the outer layer of fabric where it can evaporate. Medalin plain fabric prosthetic socks are packaged with a yellow label to aid identification.

We also produce versions of our socks for use with the Silicone Lock-Pin system which provide a comfortable, padded support between the prosthetic device and Silicone Lock-Pin system inner sheath. The garment is produced with a non-fray hole so the lock-pin can connect to the prosthesis sandwiching the sock between the inner silicone sheath and the prosthetic device.

Medalin Dual Thickness Socks are for use with a below knee prosthesis. The sock is half terry fabric and half plain fabric, with two variants: upper portion terry / lower portion plain fabric and upper portion plain /lower portion terry fabric. This useful addition to the prosthesist's arsenal is especially good for packing out parts of a socket. This may have been done previously with two socks or pieces of fabric (cut socks) to do the same job, this is a much neater solution and has the benefit of not rucking in the socket causing discomfort.

Medalin prosthetic Socks come in several width sizes; the smallest is suitable for use as a child's arm mitt/below knee sock or an adult arm mitt. The below knee terry Prosthetic sock is suitable for below knee amputees. There are a number of sizes of above knee prosthetic sock each has a greater lateral stretch.  Each product comes in several lengths to suit the specific user, some people prefer the longer socks so they can be folded back over the prosthetic device to help secure it and provide extra comfort.

Chopart socks - short foot conventional ribbed sock with heel manufactured in soft cotton / Lycra®.  No elastic is used in the rib to avoid constriction. The fore seam of the sock has no seam on the inside of the sock to rub, chafe or put any pressure on the skin.

Medalin Wellness range of Diabetic and Oedema socks are primarily developed for use by people with diabetes, vascular disorders and other circulatory problems where footwear is of the utmost importance to prevent further medical conditions. They help provide the first barrier of protection against pressure, irritation and the chafing of sensitive skin. Pressure being a potential cause of sores and ulcers. To ensure the maximum comfort, only the highest quality yarns are used in the making of this product. The main component of the sock being 90% finest combed cotton for moisture absorbency, combined with the gentle control of Lycra® giving the wearer an unsurpassed fit.  No elastic is used in the top of the sock, relying only on the gentle control of the rib for support.

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